It was a sunny afternoon in April, when I was meet with one of my favorite artist, Shepard Fairey aka Obey. He made the street art poster for Obama during the election. He made a promotional wall for his new gallery show at the Ditch Gallery.
I was just cruising back from the SoHo on Houston street, with a small box of Indian food in my hand. Getting closer to the Bowery corner, I realized some guy just fuck up a beautiful old street art with some posters. A few steps more there was another thing what pissed me. They made something like really looks like an Obey design... 5 steps more I realized its not just a look like, it's really an Obey design. A few meter more I saw Shepard Fairey standing on the street and painting the wall. He is one of my favorite. And he is painting the wall on the street... I love New York!!!

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