Calan is an industrial ruin in te Jiu Valley, Romania. The factory close many years ago, and the locals are lost their works. In the last decade a nowadays, they try to sell the rest of the damaged factory, stone by stone. This is a part of my Jiu story
Since 1o years ago, when I was trippin` for first time in Romania, I planed to come back for a while to shoot as much industrial ruins as I can. These huge mysterious old factories always gives me some weird nostalgic memories, how I saw, learned and imagined back in the days in Hungary when I was a kid.
Now I`m working on a photo essay about the miners and theirs problems in the Jiu Valley. I made these pictures in my favorite factory, the Calan Coal Factory, when we were on the road to Sibiu. It was a heavy snow storm, and we just want to check the the yard for a short visit, but the ghost of the mine catch us, and we stayed there for an hour, shooting the a snow fall and the locals, who collecting all the dusts, stones and irons from the collapsed buildings, and try to sell their factory stone by stone.
This is their land.

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