Áron Süveg was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1978. As a member of one of the first Hungarian snowboarder crews, Áron himself was a pioneer: he had the opportunity to witness the changes this wonderful sport/culture went through in the course of the past decades. Since his first step on a board back in 1989, he’s still shredding, traveling and shooting with the latest generations of riders, athletes and masters of the scene.
He became a father for first time in 2013. The long trips and the fast moving objects slowly transform more to static ones. These days he focuses more and more on his other childhood enthusiasm architect, which was always a deep mind guide during his urban and documentarist photo projects. Capturing the relationships and the balance of the built environment with the time and human beings, telling stories with lights and forms. Capturing his subjects as a complex story, combining classical documentary style with the newest photography trends and fields, brings to life something completely unique and personal with special spices.
In 2016 Aron moved to The Hague, The Netherlands with his family and still working for his international and local partner brands, agencies and freelancing for various companies and organisations on events, portraits, architect, editorial reportages.

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2008   Extreme Sport Photographer of the year / Sibiu, Romania
2008   Pixrael - Budapest, Hungary
2011    3rd place in Sports Category / Hungarian Press Photo Award
2011    Category Winner / CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year
2012   1st place in Nature and Science Category /  Hungarian Press Photo Award
2012   Highly recommended winner / CBRE Urban Photographer of the year
2014   Category Winner / CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year
2015   1st Place in Sports (Single) Category / Hungarian Press Photo Award
2015   2nd Place in Photo Reports (Series) Category / Hungarian Press Photo Award
2015   Performance Award in Festivities Category / Humanity Photo Award by Unesco