Miklós Jancsó, the legendary Hungarian film director reflects on names, events, places and words at his home in Budapest. 
Aczél György / György Aczél was a Hungarian Cultural director during the communist era
Háború / War
Kossuth-díj / Kossuth Award is a Hungarian State sponsored award
Orbán Viktor / Viktor Orbán, the former Prime Minister of Hungary
Jogsi / Driving License. He has never had any.
Zsuzsi / Zsuzsa Csákány, wife
Róma / Rome, Italy where he lived for some years.
Tarr Béla / Béla Tarr, Hungarian film director
'56 / 1956, the revolution of Hungary
Napló / Diary, he is still writing it
Dávid / David Jancsó, his son
Vallás / Religion
Trianon / The Treaty of Trianon
Gyula Bá / Gyula Hernádi, Hungarian writer and his best friend who died a few years ago
Legszomorúbb / Saddest
Márta / Márta Mészáros, film director and ex-wife
Parlament / Parliament
Unalom / Boredom
Internet / Internet
Pina / Pussy
Pierre Paolo / Pierre Paolo Pasolini
Samu / Samu, Grandson
Még egy film / One more movie
Babus / Babus, his daughter
Bános Anni / Anni Bános, my mother and one of his best friends.

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