The Üllői Avenue is the longest road in Budapest and Hungary also, include the highest building, the biggest public park and many historical buildings, sites and artworks through decades and centuries in the history of the Hungarian capital. 
Üllői way 1 at the Kalvin square in the heart of Budapest, district IX.
Abandonded army base at border of the Budapest (Disctrict XVIII.) and Pest County
Furniture store at district IX.
The Lottery House, district IX.
View from the parking garage in the downtown, district IX.
District IX.
Underpass at district IX.
The building of Fövinform, district IX.
Piece. Granite and basalt bird by Pierre Székely at the Nagyvárad square, district IX.
Watchmaker, district IX.
Junior & I, district IX.
Hospital, district IX.
Klinikák subway station, district IX.
Citizens of the underpass
Sin city, district IX.
Busy everydays, district IX.
The guard and his dome, Museum of Applied Arts, district IX.
View from the dome of the Museum of Applied Arts, district IX.
Tags from the 5o's
View from the dome of the Museum of Applied Arts, district IX.
Summer shower at the Körút, district IX.
Mainwhile at the school, district IX.
Határ út subway station, district XIX.
Boss, district XIX.
Pillars I., district IX.
Pillars II., district IX.
Yes, I'm coming home, district XVIII.
After hours at the marketplace, district XVIII.
Stadium of Ferencváros I., district IX.
Stadium of Ferencváros II., district IX.
Soccar fan, district IX.
Before the game, district IX.
An old sign at the Népliget, district IX.
Határ út subway station at the district IX.
Revans?, district IX.
Butcher, district XVIII.
Urban cowboy, district XVIII.
Posters, district XIX.
Blocks from the shopping mall, district XIX.
A Streetcar Named Desire, district XIX.
For sale, district XVIII.
The last yard, district XVIII.

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