Cultural, vibrant and posh - maybe these few words symbolize the products, the treasures, the scenic landscape and the crowds in the best way of the Negreni Market in a tiny but more than six century old Romanian village. It’s gonna be 200th time when on the second weekend of October, hundreds of local craftsmen, hand workers, vendors and treasure-hunters getting on the road to get here by horse-carts, cars, buses or trains. Everybody wants to make the business of their lives and get back home to a brighter future. The little village, which exactly sits halfway between Oradea and Cluj-Napoca, gets the permit to hold this national market since 1815. The traditionally three day long market starts on Saturday with the animal dealers, followed by all kind of craftsmen (tin man, woodcarvers, tailors, fur- and shoe makers, pottery creators) on Sunday, and food vendors on Monday. Nowadays the animal dealers are gone and the traditional craftsmen are separated across all days. During the four days from Thursday onwards you can buy anything you want, whatever your fantasy can come up with. From neon saint iconic sculpture, to fake shoes and clothes, via rusty and dingy furniture, or used kitchen equipment covering handmade folk weave, used cameras and gadgets, books and porcelain Donald Ducks. In the last few years more and more cheap Asian products are submerging to the market, luckily the traditional and used gems are still in winner position.

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