Datong city suburbs from the train
Abandone ghost towers 
Lady poses for a wedding portrait in the downtown ///// Man chills front of the Drum Tower ///// Guard sculpture at the Huayan Temple
Restaurants and locals in a hutong
The new old citywall
Shadow at the Huayan Temple Garden
City view over an old hutong from the Tower of the Huayan Temple
City view over a new hutong from the Drum Tower
Buddha and guard lady at the Shanua Ancient Monastery
Locals in a new hutong
Paiting one of the endless arches on the roadside outside of Datong
A girl walks alone on the brand new old citywall 
A small part of the original old citywall
Details of the Shanhua Ancient Monastery
Life in the hutong at dusk
Entrance of Jinhuagong Coal Mine village in the suburb of Datong
Tai chi exercise in the sunrise ///// Locals on their way to work
Small village under the railway tunnel out of Datong
A man in a factory village in the suburb of Datong
Forgotten tiny village outside of Datong on the way to the Hanging Monastery
Roadside decoration in the suburb of Datong
Traffic in Datong from a car
Street vendors front of a bilboard
Toilets in a hutong ///// Locals passing the gate in a new hutong

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