Step over the "white model"
Ne Tiger model at the Ne Tiger Luxury Store
Young man prepares in a yard in downtown Beijing
Bicycle carrier in the rain
Little girl works on her homework at her parents calligraphy store
Hundreds years old wooden ceiling at the Beijing Ancient Architech Museum
A lady and her dog in rushy downtown
Business man
Local street life next to Prince Gong's Mansion
Buddhist wish boards at the Prince Gong's Masnion
Golf club
Perfectly fit
Jianwai Soho
Jianwai Soho
Entrance of the Beiing Planetarium
Grandpa plays with his kite and grandson
Liu Ruowang's giant ape sculptures at the Parkview Green Mall
Guitar student at the Tongzhou Music College
Piano student at the Tongzhou Music College
Taiwanese popstar Hebe Tien performs at the Mastercard Arena
Locals at the Grande Canale Forest Park
Artist paints at the Songzhuang Art District
Sculpture at the Songzhuang Art Museum
A man cleaning the ashes at the Fayuan Temple
Monk closes his room at the Fayuan Temple
Alley at Fayuan Temple 
Monks at the Fayuan Temple
Silk worm at the Fayuan Temple
Local man types on his phone in a dark hutong alley
Wall in a hutong
Old local cleaning his doorstep in a hutong
Gallery at the Art District 798
Ai Wei Wei on his way back to his studio at the Art District 798
Electrician at work 
Locals brings food for the monks at the Fayuan Temple
Hutong nightlife
Food store in a hutong
School girl reads during her dinner
The Mothers always watching us
Young girl cleans her parents store's doorstep in a hutong

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